Ted Wong

Full Contact Sparring in JKD

October 29, 20150 Comments

Classical JKD: Full-Contact Sparring by Sifu Ted Wong. In most traditional kung-fu systems, the instructor requires the student to stand in a horse stance for much of the first six months. Bruce had a dim view of this, noting that it was very good for strengthening the legs and for developing patience and self-discipline, but […]

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Sifu Ted Wong on JKD / Intercepting Fist

October 12, 20150 Comments

It’s been 15 years since the passing of a good friend and martial arts instructor. During that time, I have stayed out of the limelight and taught only a few, select number of students. I have spent much of the time in further developing my own skills in the ever-changing, ever-developing, ever-evolving manner of JKD. […]

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Basic Striking in JKD

April 30, 20140 Comments

Sifu Mike Gittleson is one of the most talented active instructors in the Ted Wong lineage. Here he demonstrates his skill with the straight lead punch, the straight rear punch, the lead hook punch, and some kicking techniques from Jeet Kune Do. What to look for: Forward burst off of the pre-loaded rear foot when […]

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