Jerry Poteet

Single Direct Attack: JKD’s One-Punch KO

October 26, 20150 Comments

Bruce Lee believed if one perfect punch can end a violent encounter, why fool with more. Many martial artists have studied Bruce Lee’s analysis of combat, into five ways, or methods, of attack. Many practitioners utilize most of these five ways: ABC (attack by combination); ABD (attack by drawing); PIA (progressive indirect attack); and HIA […]

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Interview with Sifu Jerry Poteet

October 9, 20150 Comments

Interview with Sifu Jerry Poteet about his time training with the legendary Bruce Lee. The late Sifu Jerry Poteet met Bruce Lee in 1964 as a black belt under Kenpo teacher, Ed Parker. He was one of several students who began training with Bruce Lee’s Los Angeles Chinatown school in 1967. He continued to teach the Jeet […]

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What is Jeet Kune Do by Octavio Quintero

May 1, 20141 Comment

The late Sifu Jerry Poteet’s senior student, Octavio Quintero, answers the question of “what is Jeet Kune Do”. Transcription: “It’s a martial art that requires explosiveness, feeling and ability to attack your opponent before he moves on you… So if somebody moves on me, I need that explosiveness to happen… or that reaction. So, the […]

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