Richard Bustillo

A Spirit from Within – An Interview with Sifu Richard Bustillo

September 16, 20150 Comments

Richard Bustillo has trained with some of the greatest martial artists of our generation. Whether studying Jeet Kune Do with Bruce Lee or Kajukenbo with Sid Asuncion; Judo with Henry Okazaki or Escrima with Cacoy Canete, Bustillo was a willing and grateful student. But what has solidified his place among these giants is not just […]

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A Richard Bustillo Seminar Highlight 2012

May 1, 20140 Comments

Richard Bustillo trained with Bruce Lee at the Los Angeles Chinatown school, and later started the original Kali Academy with Sifu Dan Inosanto. The following is a highlight video from a seminar he conducted in May of 2012: When you punch come back twice as fast If you can block you can hit Punching power […]

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