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Ed Hart – Bruce Lee’s Second Student

November 13, 20150 Comments

A short interview with Ed Hart where he talks about his experience with Bruce Lee. Ed was Bruce Lee’s second student and started training with Bruce Lee before he started an official school in Seattle (they trained in parks and backyards), and also became a student of Bruce Lee’s Gung Fu institute. However, he credited a […]

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Trapping Demo with Bruce Lee & Taky Kimura

Great footage of Sijo Bruce Lee demonstrating trapping combinations with Sifu Taky Kimura. (This clip has been floating around for a while, but I think it's still inspiring to watch)*** If you like the video, please share! ***

Posted by JKD Library on Thursday, November 26, 2015

Taky Kimura: JKD’s Honorable Master

November 2, 20150 Comments

Interview conducted by Jose Fraguas Taky Kimura spends his life honoring the memory and mastery of his friend and teacher, Bruce Lee. He is the senior member of the Jeet Kune Do family and was one of Bruce Lee’s closest friends. Bruce took him under his wing and made him his assistant in the Jun […]

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The Floating Punch

October 27, 20150 Comments

Learn the One- and Three-inch Punch (the “floating punch”)! In this article, you will learn how you can develop Bruce Lee’s 1″ and the 3″ Punch (also known as the “floating punch”) using a simple training tool developed by Sijo James DeMile, a student of Bruce Lee and the founder of Wing Chun Do (this article first […]

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The Sum of All Parts – Interview with Andy Kimura

October 7, 20150 Comments

The son of legendary Taky Kimura is trying to follow in the big footsteps of two martial arts icons. The definition of legacy is “anything handed down from an ancestor.” When we think of the legacy Bruce Lee left to his students, specifically Taky Kimura, we think of the holy grail of martial arts instruction. […]

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Jesse Glover: Bruce Lee’s Non-Classical Sticking Hands

September 27, 20150 Comments

Bruce Lee believed the secret to Wing Chun’s sticking hands technique was simplicity, directness, and repetition. When I first met Bruce in 1959, what impressed me most was his ability in the Wing Chun art of sticking hands. Sticking hands is a unique infighting technique based on the development of a radar-like sensing ability in […]

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