The Jeet Kune Do Filter

December 10, 20150 Comments

Absorb What is Useful - Bruce LeeIf you have read any of Bruce Lee’s writings, you may have read that the founder of Jeet Kune Do advocated the principle of “daily decrease”. However, he also said that an individual should be able to “add specifically what is your own” in order to develop ones own expression of martial arts.

These seemingly contradicting statements can be confusing, but can be better understood once you understand the “JKD filter” and the analytical process developed by Sijo Lee to analyze other arts. The “Jeet Kune Do filter” allows you to develop a “B.S. meter” of sorts, which will help you draw out the essence of these arts to add to your own arsenal of techniques.

The filter can be used regardless of your training background, and will allow you to hone your foundational skills and maximize your mat time by avoiding the accumulation of techniques. Instead you can intelligently maximize your training  by focusing on your primary and secondary skill sets in a more meaningful, efficient  and effective manner.

 “It’s not what you can learn, it’s what you can throw away…”
~ Bruce Lee (to Bob Bremer)

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Check out the PDF Report written by Sifu Mike Blesch (an instructor of Chinatown JKD / JKD Wednesday Night Group) below to learn how you can increase your skill level by using the JKD Filter in your training:

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