Mark Stewart

JKD Engagement Continuum

January 14, 20161 Comment

Three Degrees of the Well Timed Stroke Optimal Function of the Well Timed Stroke in Descending Order “To Strike the Opponent” Before the advancement/attack “on preparation” During the advancement/attack After the advancement/attack STRATEGICAL IDEAL Non-engagement The strategy of Jeet Kune Do is to perceive, create and control space in order to perceive, create and control […]

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A Jeet Kune Do Definition You Can Understand

October 19, 20150 Comments

Finally! A JKD Definition you can Understand by Mark Stewart There are as many definitions of JKD as there are people calling themselves practitioners. Here’s one example that connects with its simplicity. This article is not about the history of Jeet Kune Do or its perceived stylistic components and influences. This article is about “taking a glimpse” […]

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Bruce Lee’s JKD, the ”Original Mixed Martial Art”?

October 7, 20152 Comments

Although the Gracie family of Brazil successfully transplanted BJJ and Vale Tudo to the world via the UFC many in the greater martial arts community also credit Bruce Lee’s philosophy of “not being bound” by any particular style of martial art, as the seed of today’s Mixed Martial Arts Movement. MMA Superstars, Frank Shamrock and […]

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