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Interview with John Little – Bruce Lee Historian

December 9, 20150 Comments

If you’re a fan of Bruce Lee, then chances are that you’ve encountered the name John Little. He is the only person authorized by the Bruce Lee estate to comb through Bruce Lee’s personal notes and library, which later became the “Bruce Lee Library” series of books published by Charles E. Tuttle Company. Words of […]

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A look at Bruce Lee’s Library

November 18, 20150 Comments

Bruce Lee is known to have had over 2500 books in his own personal library. He had books on many topics: from nutrition to bodybuilding, to guides on mental mastery to fencing; and books on all types of martial arts and philosophy. Some of the more well known books in his collection were books on […]

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Bruce Lee Green Hornet Promo Clip

October 17, 20150 Comments

There are lots of clips floating around on the internet of Bruce Lee in the Green Hornet, which aired from 1966 – 1967 lasting 26 episodes (aired on Friday nights). This is one of the clips that have maybe been overlooked… while it’s not martial arts footage, it’s pretty cool to see Sijo Bruce do […]

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Training Equipment Used by Bruce Lee

October 15, 20155 Comments

Bruce’s Equipment by Ted Wong On the subject of Jeet Kune Do, it would be incomplete without mentioning the training equipment used by Bruce Lee. The three people who helped Bruce make and modify equipment were James Lee, George Lee, and later in Los Angeles, Herb Jackson. Bruce wanted equipment with spring like qualities so […]

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Bruce Lee Demonstration – 1967 Long Beach Internationals

October 13, 20150 Comments

Super short video clip in color of Bruce Lee demonstrating at Ed Parker’s International Karate Championships in Long Beach in 1967. In this video you can see Sijo Bruce doing blind-folded Chi Sao with Taky Kimura; his famous 2-finger push-ups; speed demonstration; and possibly the most famous demonstration of all during this tournament (besides his sparring), […]

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Bruce Lee’s JKD, the ”Original Mixed Martial Art”?

October 7, 20152 Comments

Although the Gracie family of Brazil successfully transplanted BJJ and Vale Tudo to the world via the UFC many in the greater martial arts community also credit Bruce Lee’s philosophy of “not being bound” by any particular style of martial art, as the seed of today’s Mixed Martial Arts Movement. MMA Superstars, Frank Shamrock and […]

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