The Jeet Kune Do Filter

December 10, 20150 Comments

If you have read any of Bruce Lee’s writings, you may have read that the founder of Jeet Kune Do advocated the principle of “daily decrease”. However, he also said that an individual should be able to “add specifically what is your own” in order to develop ones own expression of martial arts. These seemingly contradicting […]

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JKD Broken Rhythm Basics

October 28, 20150 Comments

In motion there can be established a rhythm. Natural body movement of bobbing and weaving, feinting, even punching and kicking often have a natural rhythm. In training learn to be aware of your rhythm. In drill with your training partner learn to be aware of his rhythm in both attack and defense. Once you become […]

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JKD Trapping: Hand Immobilization

October 6, 20150 Comments

JKD Philosophy & Technique: Hand Immobilization by Sifu Tim Tackett The terms hand immobilization attack (HIA) or trapping hands refer to an attacking action which momentarily immobilizes either one or both of the opponent’s arms, allowing your final hit to score in an open line, or drawing a reaction which can be countered either with another […]

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