What is Jeet Kune Do by Octavio Quintero

May 1, 20141 Comment

The late Sifu Jerry Poteet’s senior student, Octavio Quintero, answers the question of “what is Jeet Kune Do”.


“It’s a martial art that requires explosiveness, feeling and ability to attack your opponent before he moves on you… So if somebody moves on me, I need that explosiveness to happen… or that reaction.

So, the timing is very important. I need to respond faster than he can get to me.

It doesn’t just stop there. It continues, there’s continuity in all the movement. If he has those vital targets available for me I’m gonna go for him.

It’s real, it’s devastating, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”


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  • Cedric Mouanga

    i love the simplicity of JKD

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