A Richard Bustillo Seminar Highlight 2012

May 1, 20140 Comments

Richard Bustillo trained with Bruce Lee at the Los Angeles Chinatown school, and later started the original Kali Academy with Sifu Dan Inosanto.

The following is a highlight video from a seminar he conducted in May of 2012:

  • When you punch come back twice as fast
  • If you can block you can hit
  • Punching power progression using: wrist only; wrist and elbow; wrist, elbow and shoulder
  • The Cross parry
  • The Hook – and why he likes using a vertical fist as opposed to a horizontal fist.
  • Swinging gate using a pak sao, along with some follow-ups

Sifu Bustillo also teaches Filipino martial arts (doce pares), Muay Thai and boxing at the IMB Academy in Torrance. He’s also a black belt in the Hawiian martial art of Kajukenbo.

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