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Visit to Sifu Tim Tackett’s Garage

December 4, 20150 Comments

In this video you get an inside look at Sifu Tim Tackett’s garage gym in Redlands, California. Sifu Tim Tackett started training martial arts in the early 60s while stationed with the US Air Force in Taiwan. There he studied arts such as Xing Yi (Hsing I), Tai Ji, Northern and Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, […]

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Full Contact Sparring in JKD

October 29, 20150 Comments

Classical JKD: Full-Contact Sparring by Sifu Ted Wong. In most traditional kung-fu systems, the instructor requires the student to stand in a horse stance for much of the first six months. Bruce had a dim view of this, noting that it was very good for strengthening the legs and for developing patience and self-discipline, but […]

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JKD Broken Rhythm Basics

October 28, 20150 Comments

In motion there can be established a rhythm. Natural body movement of bobbing and weaving, feinting, even punching and kicking often have a natural rhythm. In training learn to be aware of your rhythm. In drill with your training partner learn to be aware of his rhythm in both attack and defense. Once you become […]

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Single Direct Attack: JKD’s One-Punch KO

October 26, 20150 Comments

Bruce Lee believed if one perfect punch can end a violent encounter, why fool with more. Many martial artists have studied Bruce Lee’s analysis of combat, into five ways, or methods, of attack. Many practitioners utilize most of these five ways: ABC (attack by combination); ABD (attack by drawing); PIA (progressive indirect attack); and HIA […]

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Defensive Tools in Jeet Kune Do

October 21, 20150 Comments

JKD Philosophy and Technique: Defensive Tools by Tim Tackett There is a basic theory in fighting which states, “For every move there is a counter.” Attack has been given priority in JKD, and is important, but so is defense. Defensive techniques can negate an opponent’s attack and place you in a position to counter. The learning of defensive […]

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A Jeet Kune Do Definition You Can Understand

October 19, 20150 Comments

Finally! A JKD Definition you can Understand by Mark Stewart There are as many definitions of JKD as there are people calling themselves practitioners. Here’s one example that connects with its simplicity. This article is not about the history of Jeet Kune Do or its perceived stylistic components and influences. This article is about “taking a glimpse” […]

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Bruce Lee’s Ranking Systems

October 16, 20150 Comments

There was no ranking in ‘classical gung-fu’, but a color ranking system based on the Yin/Yang symbol had been devised by Lee Jun Fan (Bruce Lee). There are eight ranks in the Jun Fan system and in Jeet Kune Do. Bruce lee used the following ranking system from 1965 to about 1968. This was both […]

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Sifu Ted Wong on JKD / Intercepting Fist

October 12, 20150 Comments

It’s been 15 years since the passing of a good friend and martial arts instructor. During that time, I have stayed out of the limelight and taught only a few, select number of students. I have spent much of the time in further developing my own skills in the ever-changing, ever-developing, ever-evolving manner of JKD. […]

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Sifu Dan Inosanto: “What is Jeet Kune Do About?”

October 11, 20150 Comments

Bruce “Not” the Truth It has been written a hundred times and probably said a thousand times. Nothing I can say will change this. Truth cannot be perceived until we have come to a full understanding of ourselves and our potential. According to Bruce Lee, “knowledge in the martial arts ultimately means self-knowledge.” Therefore, being […]

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Interview with Sifu Jerry Poteet

October 9, 20150 Comments

Interview with Sifu Jerry Poteet about his time training with the legendary Bruce Lee. The late Sifu Jerry Poteet met Bruce Lee in 1964 as a black belt under Kenpo teacher, Ed Parker. He was one of several students who began training with Bruce Lee’s Los Angeles Chinatown school in 1967. He continued to teach the Jeet […]

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