Visit to Sifu Tim Tackett’s Garage

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In this video you get an inside look at Sifu Tim Tackett’s garage gym in Redlands, California.

Bremer, Tackett at InosantoBackyard GroupSifu Tim Tackett started training martial arts in the early 60s while stationed with the US Air Force in Taiwan. There he studied arts such as Xing Yi (Hsing I), Tai Ji, Northern and Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, Monkey style kung fu among other arts.

He had the opportunity to see Bruce Lee’s demonstration at Ed Parker’s International Championships in 1967, which is when he knew he wanted to study with him.

On the recommendation of Sifu Dan Lee (a 1st generation student of Sijo Bruce Lee and a noted Tai Ji teacher), he sought out Sifu Dan Inosanto in 1970.

Sijo Bruce Lee had closed his school in Los Angeles’ Chinatown the same year and Sifu Inosanto had just opened his backyard class, and it is here where Sifu Tackett began his studies of Jeet Kune Do.

In 1973, he received his “Senior 1st Rank” and was given the permission to start a small group in Redlands, California.

Since then he has become a prominent figure in the Jeet Kune Do community, and Sifu Inosanto has labeled Sifu Tackett as one of the most knowledgeable Jeet Kune Do instructors in the world today.

Sifu Tackett still teaches a select number of students at his garage gym in Redlands, California; and also teaches seminars worldwide.

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