The Finger Jab in Jeet Kune Do

November 16, 20150 Comments

If Jeet Kune Do can be likened to “fencing without a foil”, then the anatomical equivalent to the point of the fencer’s foil is the “Biu Jee” or Finger Jab.

Bruce Lee and Dan Lee Finger JabIt is the longest hand tool available and therefore one of the preferred intercepting tools (second only to the Shin/Knee Side Kick, or in our case specifically, the Leg Obstruction). The primary target is the eyes. Possible variations in the arrangement/alignment of the fingers when striking are:

A) Forming a “spear” with the thumb tucked in to the palm of the hand. The fingers are compressed and slightly bent with the middle finger overlapping the index and ring fingers. The little finger is similarly protected by the overlap of the ring finger. (To gain the proper finger position extend your hand, palm facing down and with your opposite hand clasp all four fingers gently from underneath and squeeze. You should find that the fingers naturally arrange themselves as described above.)

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B) Spread apart approximately one quarter to one half of an inch, with a slight bend to avoid breaking upon impact. This variation exchanges the additional support of the spear-like alignment for a greater chance of striking the eyes with the fingers spread (4 striking points vs 1).

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