L.A. Chinatown (’67 – ’70)

Sifu Ted Wong on JKD / Intercepting Fist

October 12, 20150 Comments

It’s been 15 years since the passing of a good friend and martial arts instructor. During that time, I have stayed out of the limelight and taught only a few, select number of students. I have spent much of the time in further developing my own skills in the ever-changing, ever-developing, ever-evolving manner of JKD. […]

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Sifu Dan Inosanto: “What is Jeet Kune Do About?”

October 11, 20150 Comments

Bruce “Not” the Truth It has been written a hundred times and probably said a thousand times. Nothing I can say will change this. Truth cannot be perceived until we have come to a full understanding of ourselves and our potential. According to Bruce Lee, “knowledge in the martial arts ultimately means self-knowledge.” Therefore, being […]

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Interview with Sifu Jerry Poteet

October 9, 20150 Comments

Interview with Sifu Jerry Poteet about his time training with the legendary Bruce Lee. The late Sifu Jerry Poteet met Bruce Lee in 1964 as a black belt under Kenpo teacher, Ed Parker. He was one of several students who began training with Bruce Lee’s Los Angeles Chinatown school in 1967. He continued to teach the Jeet […]

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Interview with Sifu Dan Lee

October 8, 20152 Comments

Sifu Dan Lee first saw Bruce Lee at the 1964 Long Beach Internationals. At the time Dan was training Kenpo Karate with Ed Parker. Sifu Dan was the first student admitted to Bruce Lee’s new school in the Los Angeles Chinatown district in 1967. This interview was conducted in 1988. At the time Dan Lee was […]

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A Spirit from Within – An Interview with Sifu Richard Bustillo

September 16, 20150 Comments

Richard Bustillo has trained with some of the greatest martial artists of our generation. Whether studying Jeet Kune Do with Bruce Lee or Kajukenbo with Sid Asuncion; Judo with Henry Okazaki or Escrima with Cacoy Canete, Bustillo was a willing and grateful student. But what has solidified his place among these giants is not just […]

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Interview with Larry Hartsell

May 2, 20140 Comments

Larry Hartsell began his training in Jeet Kune Do having already achieved the rank of Black Belt in Judo. He studied under Hidetaka Nishiyama in shotokan karate at UCLA and later in Kenpo Karate under Ed Parker and Dan Inosanto. Sifu Larry had an extensive background in law enforcement, military, and executive protection. He also […]

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A Richard Bustillo Seminar Highlight 2012

May 1, 20140 Comments

Richard Bustillo trained with Bruce Lee at the Los Angeles Chinatown school, and later started the original Kali Academy with Sifu Dan Inosanto. The following is a highlight video from a seminar he conducted in May of 2012: When you punch come back twice as fast If you can block you can hit Punching power […]

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What is Jeet Kune Do by Octavio Quintero

May 1, 20141 Comment

The late Sifu Jerry Poteet’s senior student, Octavio Quintero, answers the question of “what is Jeet Kune Do”. Transcription: “It’s a martial art that requires explosiveness, feeling and ability to attack your opponent before he moves on you… So if somebody moves on me, I need that explosiveness to happen… or that reaction. So, the […]

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Basic Striking in JKD

April 30, 20140 Comments

Sifu Mike Gittleson is one of the most talented active instructors in the Ted Wong lineage. Here he demonstrates his skill with the straight lead punch, the straight rear punch, the lead hook punch, and some kicking techniques from Jeet Kune Do. What to look for: Forward burst off of the pre-loaded rear foot when […]

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