JKD: Aggressive Defense

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The idea of JKD is to stop an opponent’s attack just before it starts (or at the moment it starts), hence the name Jeet Kune Do – the way of the intercepting fist.

Bruce Lee was known to have said: “There’s time between the mind and the hand”, so our job as a practitioner is to develop the ability to read small cues (telegraph) and the intent of the opponent.

A whileTackett JKD Defense ago, Phantom Productions (PhantomMA.com) released an entire video in 6 parts on JKD Defense for free on Youtube.

Here are some of the material these Youtube videos cover:

  • Controlling distance – or what they call the “fighting measure” in JKD
  • The Stop Kick – 3 different types of stop kicks: the Leg lift, the Shin Knee sidekick and the Leg Obstruction (made famous by Sifu Bob Bremer)
  • The Stop Hit – an explanation of what a stop hit is. Here Sifu Tim Tackett explains why blocking is passive and is not the preferred method of defense in Jeet Kune Do, because there’s time between block and hit.
  • He then demonstrates the simultaneous block and hit (as typically performed in Wing Chun).
  • Then finally, the preferred way to defend in JKD: to hit first before the parry (as in Western fencing).

Sifu Tackett also covers many other “defensive” JKD techniques, such as:

  • The Jam vs a Kick
  • Stop Hit vs a Kick
  • The catch (vs punch)
  • The Catch & Return
  • The simultaneous catch & hit
  • The cuff (popping the punch up to set up for a potential take down or other counters)

He then goes on to explain the “4 corners exercise”, which include:

  • parry & hit on the inside
  • hit then parry (for hookline)
  • slip outside the arm & hit.
  • pat down & hit (agains low punch), which includes the low front / low rear hand parry
  • inside parry & hit (vs mismatched lead)

There’s also an explanation of the “front hand constant training” used in Wednesday Night Group JKD training, along with various boxing techniques and drills from Safety Boxing (YMCA Boxing):

  • Bob & Weave
  • Catch
  • Side cover
  • Shoulder roll

Footwork drills and counters are also covered in these videos, such as:

  • How to Curve Right & hit or kick
  • Quick Step Left (as opposed to Curve left)
  • The Mirror Drill and variations
  • Broken rythm footwork

This 6-part series on Youtube is full of great content, and it doesn’t stop with the material already mentioned. It also includes discussions on:

  • Various counter attacks, avoidance, the time hit (counter-time).
  • The 3 factors in countering
  • Second stage trapping (defense vs trapping maneuvers)
  • and lots more…

If you want to learn more of aggressive defense type of Jeet Kune Do techniques to integrate into your own training protocol, be sure to check out the JKD Defense playlist here.

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