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Visit to Sifu Tim Tackett’s Garage

December 4, 20150 Comments

In this video you get an inside look at Sifu Tim Tackett’s garage gym in Redlands, California. Sifu Tim Tackett started training martial arts in the early 60s while stationed with the US Air Force in Taiwan. There he studied arts such as Xing Yi (Hsing I), Tai Ji, Northern and Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, […]

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Jeet Kune Do and the Art of Professional Football

December 1, 20150 Comments

Dan Inosanto and his students, such as Tim Tackett, Larry Hartsell, Jerry Poteet (and others), were pioneers in teaching Professional Football players principles and concepts from martial arts, more specifically Bruce Lee’s art of JKD starting in the mid-70s. —– Bruce Lee revitalized – and transformed forever – the world of martial art. Bud did […]

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JKD: Aggressive Defense

November 24, 20150 Comments

The idea of JKD is to stop an opponent’s attack just before it starts (or at the moment it starts), hence the name Jeet Kune Do – the way of the intercepting fist. Bruce Lee was known to have said: “There’s time between the mind and the hand”, so our job as a practitioner is […]

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JKD Wooden Dummy

November 10, 20150 Comments

In this article Sifu Tim Tackett discusses the JKD Wooden Dummy Set created by Sifu Dan Inosanto using Bruce Lee’s modified Wing Chun techniques and the boxing phase of JKD. Also, be sure to watch the  a rare historical clip of Sifu Tim Tackett demonstrating the Wing Chun Dummy Form… – Wing Chun Meets JKD: A […]

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Jeet Kune Do Counter-Attacks: Locking

November 5, 20151 Comment

There are times when controlling an opponent is more important than cleaning his clock. Arm and wristlocks are common to many martial arts. They are important primary techniques in chin na, jiujitsu and aikido. In developing Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee considered locking to be either accidental or incidental. It’s accidental because in JKD, while […]

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JKD Leg Obstruction

November 5, 20150 Comments

Sijo Bruce Lee considered low line attacks and stop kicking to be very effective… However, the leg obstruction is one of the lesser known techniques in Jeet Kune Do. The leg obstruction was one of the main techniques that was stressed by the late Sifu Bob Bremer of the JKD Wednesday Night group, and Sifu […]

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JKD Broken Rhythm Basics

October 28, 20150 Comments

In motion there can be established a rhythm. Natural body movement of bobbing and weaving, feinting, even punching and kicking often have a natural rhythm. In training learn to be aware of your rhythm. In drill with your training partner learn to be aware of his rhythm in both attack and defense. Once you become […]

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Defensive Tools in Jeet Kune Do

October 21, 20150 Comments

JKD Philosophy and Technique: Defensive Tools by Tim Tackett There is a basic theory in fighting which states, “For every move there is a counter.” Attack has been given priority in JKD, and is important, but so is defense. Defensive techniques can negate an opponent’s attack and place you in a position to counter. The learning of defensive […]

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JKD Trapping: Hand Immobilization

October 6, 20150 Comments

JKD Philosophy & Technique: Hand Immobilization by Sifu Tim Tackett The terms hand immobilization attack (HIA) or trapping hands refer to an attacking action which momentarily immobilizes either one or both of the opponent’s arms, allowing your final hit to score in an open line, or drawing a reaction which can be countered either with another […]

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Tim Tackett Martial Arts History

April 28, 20140 Comments

Tim Tackett became part of the closed “Backyard JKD” group beginning around 1970. Bruce Lee had shut down his L.A. Chinatown school and gave Dan Inosanto permission to teach this private group of about 10 guys. In his very first session there he sparred with two of Bruce Lee’s top students from the Chinatown school, […]

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