JKD Leg Obstruction

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Sijo Bruce Lee considered low line attacks and stop kicking to be very effective…

However, the leg obstruction is one of the lesser known techniques in Jeet Kune Do. The leg obstruction was one of the main techniques that was stressed by the late Sifu Bob Bremer of the JKD Wednesday Night group, and Sifu Tackett considers it one of the most valuable techniques in our self-defense arsenal.

In this article, titled “JKD Leg Obstruction Kicks” by Sifu Tackett and Sifu Bremer, they explain the differences between the stop kick and the leg obstruction as taught to Sifu Bremer by Sijo Bruce Lee.


JKD Leg Obstruction Kicks

by Bob Bremer and Tim Tackett

There is much confusion even in Jeet Kune Do circles about the Leg Obstruction Kick. Many people call the Side Kick a Leg Obstruction or the Stop Kick. The main reason for this confusion is a misunderstanding of some crucial Jeet Kune Do terms. The purpose of this article is not to go into detail on training methods for these kicks, but to just give a basic explanation of the difference underlying much of the confusion. In future articles we will go into more detail.


The Stop Kick
Many people call the Side Kick or the Side-Rear Kick the “Stop Kick” but there is no particular kick known as the Stop Kick. In Jeet Kune Do a Stop Kick is any kick that intercepts and, thus, stops your opponent’s attack. Therefore a Stop Kick can be a Hook Kick, a Front Kick, or – if you’re fast enough – even a Spinning Back Kick can work.


The Leg Obstruction
The Leg Obstruction differs from the Stop Kick in that it is designed to avoid your opponent’s counter attack with his front or rear leg as it “obstructs” the front leg barrier. It also can help to nullify your opponent’s Stop Hit as it “stops” his forward movement, and you are out of range of his hands.

Shin Knee Side Kick - JKD Stop Kick

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There is a kick that Bruce Lee called the Leg Obstruction Kick. It seems to be the least known of the JKD kicks. It differs from the Shin / Knee Side Kick in the following ways.

  • The kick is done straight-legged and comes up to the target directly from the floor.
  • You are much closer to your opponent, so, although you have obstructed his kicks, you need to guard against his front hand counter-attack.
  • Your shoulders are square as your front hand is locked and ready to deliver a powerful lead punch as your entire body weight is dropped into the punch (Figures 4 & 5)

JKD WNG Leg Obstruction
The Leg Obstruction used as a Stop Kick

Here we see former Chinatown student Jim Sewell attempt a right rear straight kick from a left lead which is countered by Bob Bremer’s Leg Obstruction Kick, which, in turn is followed up with a powerful dropping lead hand punch (Figures 6 & 7)

Bob Bremer JKD Leg Obstruction

This article was originally published in the August 1998 issue of Bruce Lee Magazine.

About the video: A clip of Sifu Dennis Blue of the JKD Wednesday Night Group demonstrating the Leg Obstruction as taught by Bob Bremer. Clip provided by JKDLessons.com.

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