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Dan Inosanto: Original JKD vs JKD Concepts?

November 19, 20151 Comment

If you have followed the art of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do over the years, you have undoubtedly heard of the “controversy” between the Original Jeet Kune Do group versus those who train using the concepts of Jeet Kune Do. In other words, those who use the original structure of what Bruce Lee himself practiced […]

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A look at Bruce Lee’s Library

November 18, 20150 Comments

Bruce Lee is known to have had over 2500 books in his own personal library. He had books on many topics: from nutrition to bodybuilding, to guides on mental mastery to fencing; and books on all types of martial arts and philosophy. Some of the more well known books in his collection were books on […]

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The Finger Jab in Jeet Kune Do

November 16, 20150 Comments

If Jeet Kune Do can be likened to “fencing without a foil”, then the anatomical equivalent to the point of the fencer’s foil is the “Biu Jee” or Finger Jab. It is the longest hand tool available and therefore one of the preferred intercepting tools (second only to the Shin/Knee Side Kick, or in our […]

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Ed Hart – Bruce Lee’s Second Student

November 13, 20150 Comments

A short interview with Ed Hart where he talks about his experience with Bruce Lee. Ed was Bruce Lee’s second student and started training with Bruce Lee before he started an official school in Seattle (they trained in parks and backyards), and also became a student of Bruce Lee’s Gung Fu institute. However, he credited a […]

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Focus Mitts in JKD

November 12, 20150 Comments

The Focus Mitts – Jeet Kune Do’s most versatile weapon. Jun Fan JKD uses focus mitts as a training device that encompasses every range and fighting style. Article originally published in the March 2000 issue of “Martial Arts Presents: Jeet Kune Do” magazine. You can reach Sifu Ron Balicki through his website at: Focus […]

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JKD Wooden Dummy

November 10, 20150 Comments

In this article Sifu Tim Tackett discusses the JKD Wooden Dummy Set created by Sifu Dan Inosanto using Bruce Lee’s modified Wing Chun techniques and the boxing phase of JKD. Also, be sure to watch the  a rare historical clip of Sifu Tim Tackett demonstrating the Wing Chun Dummy Form… – Wing Chun Meets JKD: A […]

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Extreme Prejudice

November 9, 20150 Comments

This article, “Extreme Prejudice” was written by Sifu Dan Inosanto as part of a monthly column called “In the 20th Century” in IKF magazine in the late 80s. It has always been my goal that through martial arts all cultures could be appreciated and unified in the spirit of brotherhood. This might be considered idealistic […]

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Jeet Kune Do Counter-Attacks: Locking

November 5, 20151 Comment

There are times when controlling an opponent is more important than cleaning his clock. Arm and wristlocks are common to many martial arts. They are important primary techniques in chin na, jiujitsu and aikido. In developing Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee considered locking to be either accidental or incidental. It’s accidental because in JKD, while […]

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JKD Leg Obstruction

November 5, 20150 Comments

Sijo Bruce Lee considered low line attacks and stop kicking to be very effective… However, the leg obstruction is one of the lesser known techniques in Jeet Kune Do. The leg obstruction was one of the main techniques that was stressed by the late Sifu Bob Bremer of the JKD Wednesday Night group, and Sifu […]

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Bruce Lee on styles of martial arts


Posted by Fighting HQ on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dan Inosanto: Follow Your Heart

November 3, 20151 Comment

As Bruce Lee often said, “Jeet Kune Do can become intelligible only in the process of self-discovery.” It must be remembered that for Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do was not an end unto itself, but merely a byproduct. Jeet Kune Do was to serve as a means of self-discovery. In other words, Jeet Kune Do […]

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